If you still want to climb up Uluru you’ve only got until the end of next year before it closes forever.


Currently, the climb is only open around 20% of the year. The criteria for the climb be open is as follows:

  • Max Temperature – The climb is closed at 8am if the forecast for Yulara is 36 degrees Celsius or over.
  • Max Wind Speed – The climb is closed if the wind speed is greater than 46.3km/hr @ 2300feet. (We couldn’t find any online forecasts for wind speed at 2300feet, however you can use the Yulara wind forecast as a guide.)

Note: Although the National Park opens at 5:30am, the climb was closed early in the morning when we arrived. We were surprised to see that it opened later on in the day, when it had already heated up significantly. This seemed silly because the park was already open for hours and the forecast maximum was 35 degrees Celcius for the day.